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Miami, the hottest clubs, best clothing shops, tan lines, and bikinis. Enjoy summer fashion that sticks to the Miami lifestyle and climate without requiring to expose so much skin for those who are not comfortable with doing so. We offer styles that can effortlessly dress up or down and fashion numerous ways for distinctive excursions around Miami!

Shop For A Cause

With every FASHION DOSAGE purchase 5% is donated to an educational program for immigrant children at the boarder.

Yes we can, is a non-profit organization that provides aid to communities in need. Their school on wheels program brings mobile classrooms to children from refugee camps to rural areas and inner cities. Their bilingual school program teaches children: reading, writing, spelling, math and arts. Their amazing volunteers consist of accredited teachers, bilingual assistance and community leaders within the camp.

You can follow their journey on social media.

Facebook: Yes We Can

Instagram: @Yeswecanwf

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