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Jan 29, 2013

Top 5 Alternative Fashion Trends - 2013 Spring/Summer

As we enter 2013, new trends and collections emerge on the runways as usual. Although haute couture per se is always quite eclectic, there are a few trends off the 2013 Spring/Summer runways that do fall into a more alternative category.

Sicily Folk

Along with the skirts and shorts in the traditional genre, there are a couple of special outfits in the current S/S 2013 D&G collection. Inspired by Sicilian Folk fashion, this woven dress is quite unconventional to say the least. It is an unusually perfect combination of tradition and modernity with its raw and simplistic design. The body stocking perfectly amplifies the dress, and the fringe multicolored statement earrings along with the silky headband, add a feminine but eccentric look to the outfit.
 Image Credit: Dolce & Gabbana

Floral Tortoise 
Dresses are becoming increasingly popular and ornamented to say the least, just as Alexander McQueen prefers it. This trend revolves around exaggeration. The magnitude of this yellow floral dress does not only lie in the number of flowers sown on it, but also its actual size, which extends all the way to the floor resembling a reversed bouquet of Marigolds.  The tortoise colored corset and the laced body add an edgy texture to this otherwise feminine dress, while the final touch is a hat that resembles a see-through tire combined with a large and layered pearl necklace.

Image Credit: Alexander McQueen

Caged Bird
Along with the crazy designs, there are a couple of fairly simple creations seen on the ChloƩ runway this season. This purely white and almost angelic trend is accentuated by featherlike ornaments on the top, and a draped skirt with a cut out material in the bottom. As simple as this outfit is, as complex it is by peculiarly resembling an earthbound bird.

Image Credit: ChloƩ

Satin Duchesse
Dior is mostly classy, but always quite imaginative in terms of their stylistic approach. This season their collection has quite a formal touch, but of course there are a couple of outfits that are out of the ordinary. This iridescent dress is made of satin and is irregularly shaped, with asymmetric shoulders. The orange hues of the makeup accentuate the light blue, purple, and pink tones in the dress, and therefore add an extra touch to this pearly beauty.
Image Credit: Dior

Slashed Nuit
Apart from the usual animal print trends, Cavalli always comes up with something extraordinary. The designs are always feminine but also slightly provocative, and seem to be meant for the ladylike wild child that is both sassy and elegant. That exact trend is reflected in this black maxi dress, slashed open in a V shape at the neck and in them bottom, along with two elliptic cuts in the front. The dress is elegantly decorated with silver and black sequins along the borders. 
Image Credit: Roberto Cavalli

Bio: Xenia has a professional experience in the fashion industry and an interest in modern lifestyle and travel and she currently blogs in fashion at Miinto’s Passion for Fashion blog.

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