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Jan 8, 2013

Eight Gifts for the Special Men and Women in Your Life- Occasions No Bar!

Whether the mood is sombre or gleeful, gifts will always act as a booster of spirit. Sombre transforms into happy and gleeful adorns a celebration quality to itself. Why not make gifting to the special people of your life a routine job? Following is a list of 8 luxury gifts you can give your near and dear ones.

Metal Art
All the jewelleries are crafted keeping the wearer in mind. Men or women, it is difficult to resist this lure. Cufflinks in various designs are available to make the dressing more notice-worthy, even when the reason is so tiny in itself.

Winning is a Game
Many elegant designer board games are in the market. The best example could be Backgammon board designed by artists like Alexandra Llewellyn who is renowned in her field. Her designs showcase peacock, nudes, black and white feather, butterfly, palms, etc.

Bag It
When it comes to the taste of women, relax. A Hermes Kelly bag received as a gift is enough to make their celebration wonderful. After all the happiness and festivities are to be bagged somewhere. Don’t you agree?

Return to Childhood
People with a taste in toys and are fascinated with the variety and colours of this vast world can be gifted with Benjamin Pollack’s meticulous works. One that could be suggested now is French Theatre, whimsical enough to make you laugh and admire the idea at the same time.

A Koppel Collection is the best fit for all the individuals who give their wrist watches as much preference as to the suit they wear. With the Swiss finesse adding the preciseness in the pace of time, the gift will be a good addition to the accessories.

Like it Bejewelled
If this is the case, jewellery house Caspita is world famous for their designs. Chakra Sahasrara, a bracelet design with a wonderful meaning in its name, is intended to give wearer a feel of energy and difference. The expression on the face of lookers will be “My Goodness”. To know more about it and other women fashion accessories, just surf Internet.

Something Cheesy
Luxury has a fine way to seep in lifestyle and dining table cannot be left far behind. Those who want to or like to spend time admiring the culinary art and its objects, Cheese Board from the house of Linley can be the best gift. The collaborative efforts of Tom Aikens and Linley have resulted in this masterpiece.

Time for Tea
Tea time is the best time for many people and it could be made special by serving tea in designer cup and saucer. Rosenthal is a renowned name to go for, which exhibits designs from house of Versace and others. The porcelain designs with the head of Medusa become an instant classic addition to the table wares.
You have many other gifts to ponder upon if the above list does not satisfy you. If it does, then think of the most wonderful gift to the most suitable. Days following the festivity will always have warmth in them with the gifts of special occasion. You have just found the key to make warmth last a little more in the coolest of the seasons!

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