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Sep 18, 2012

How to Dress to Look Your Best at a Wedding

While most of us like to look our best at all times, we want to make a particular effort if we have a wedding invitation. Everyone knows that the wedding day belongs to the bride; nevertheless, women in particular, like to make a special effort when they are going to a wedding. Your choice of outfit may depend on the type of wedding you are attending, and whether any special dress code has been stipulated. Unless you are attending an extremely formal wedding, any length and any colour dress apart from white, should be acceptable.

For Her: Gloves – to Wear or Not to Wear
Again, depending on the formality of the occasion, you may want to wear silk gloves that match the colour of your dress. Gloves look better and keep their shape for longer if you have silk glove liners. Normally, only the bride and the bridesmaids will wear gloves to a wedding, a lot depends on whether any particular dress code has been stipulated. A very formal, long dress, for example, is usually enhanced when the wearer has matching gloves. Only wear opera length gloves with a strapless, formal dress, otherwise, stick to gloves that are wrist length.

Weddings in the Day Time
An increasing number of brides want a day time wedding with a sit down meal and no evening entertainment, especially if they want to get off on their honeymoon on the same day. If you are attending a less formal day time wedding then a shorter dress or a suit should mean that you look your best without going over the top on the day. Business suits are okay if the wedding is in the morning with just a brief reception afterwards. Too much bling and too many sequins are a definite no for day time weddings as you don’t want to take the sparkle away from the bride. Just a reminder, black is not really suitable for day time weddings. Equally, at an informal wedding you may not require either gloves or silk glove liners

If you have been invited to a wedding during the day and an informal disco and buffet in the evening, you might want two outfits. In cases like this you might choose to wear a suit during the day and a dress or trousers and fancy top for the evening’s entertainment. Try to avoid clothing that is overtly sexy or see through as these are not usually acceptable, even for an evening buffet and disco wedding do.

For Him: Tails, Shirts and Jeans
Male guests may be required to wear a top hat and tails to a very formal wedding. If you have been invited to such a wedding, and have been asked to play the role of usher or even best man, then silk shirts may be the order of the day.

Informal does not mean jeans and a tee shirt, a dark suit and perhaps a contrasting shirt should be fine. Black shirts are not acceptable wedding wear, even if it is only a buffet and disco to which you are invited.
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