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Aug 30, 2012

Winter Sports Clothing Guide

Even in sub-zero temperatures, celebrity snow fans Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton and the Jolie-Pitt family always manage to stay top of the style stakes with relaxed layering. The good news is that you don`t need to be an A-lister to achieve a great winter sports look.

While there is lots of room to express your individual style, you should make comfort and safety your priority. That means ensuring you stay warm and protected with three layers of clothing. The foundation of any great winter-sport ensemble is a base layer. Usually skin-tight, base layers often feature technology to enable the fabric to wick away any moisture your body creates as you tackle a black run or two. Cotton is a fabric to avoid in the base layer as this traps rather than releases moisture.

A mid layer will provide warmth and insulation. This layer should be looser than the base, but make sure it maintains contact with the base layer to ensure that moisture can be removed. Fleece, polyester and wool are good choices. When you`re taking a break from sport, this layer is likely to be on show so opt for something that expresses your style. You`re likely to work up a bit of a sweat, even if you do spend more time armed with a hot chocolate than ski-poles, so check out styles with pit-zips and breathable sections for extra comfort.

Outer layers are designed to protect you from the elements. In the past, skiers and snowboarders have adopted quite different looks but today both are often seen going for a very relaxed, skate-wear inspired style. For your safety, always choose clothing designed specifically for winter sports. Even celebrities don`t sacrifice comfort for style on the piste.

Despite the day-glo image of ski-wear of the past, things have moved on. In winter 2012, expect to see more simple designs, some with discreet geometric or Nordic patterning. The palette is varied but with no shortage of urban tones such as khaki and grey sitting alongside greens, blues and yellows. To add a touch of glamour, look for outer layers with faux-fur sections, a look often to be seen on Paris Hilton.

Accessories and footwear are a great way to express individual style, so be creative. Headgear is a must in the chilling wind. Headbands are a popular choice but a beanie is always a good option during sports and downtime. Slouch beanies are still a favourite and the choice of Kate Hudson in Aspen during a recent trip. No celebrity worth their salt is ever seen without shades and neither should you be. Snow glare can be painful and damaging to the eyes so invest in sunglasses or goggles designed for the purpose.

Off the slopes, relaxed layering is the order of the day too. For both men and women, graphic tees, fleece hoodies and beanies are an ideal off-piste look. Complement the look with performance footwear such as Etnies shoes, a firm favourite among snowboarders.
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