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Mar 25, 2010

Jessica Alba and Honor Marie: Sunday Brunchers

Santa Monica, California Sunday morning the family, Jessica Alba, Cash Warren and Honor Marie was spotted having a nice bonding together. The family had a meal worth enjoying and a time to share memorable moments. The family shared laughter’s as they strolled around the city after which headed to a local eatery to have their midday meal.

Alba and Warren’s little angel are working to improve her walking skills. Perhaps Alba doesn’t want to miss the amazing feeling of seeing your child enjoying her practice to walk. The three was a picture of family who lives a simple life as ordinary and as enjoying as ordinary people does. They don’t mind paparazzi around.

The “Sin City” sweetie, Jessica was currently making her much awaited film entitled “Meet the Fockers”-sequel. This movie will hit theaters on December 22, 2010. Alba’s co-star on this film includes Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. Big stars for a big film, sure worth the waiting for. On the story, shows the Fockers and the Byrness families bracing themselves for the arrival of a baby.

Jessica Alba was an absolute star, I like her every acting to her every movie

Mar 24, 2010

Kristen Stewart's Secret Night Out

Kristen Stewart, 19-year old, “Runaways” and “Twilight” star spend a dinner at La Vida with her parents and some family friends. The dinner is enjoying because Kristen finally escaped paparazzi. La Vida is the newest spot at L.A. Kristen group was on their regular table next to the fireplace in the main dining room, which means they dinned a lot here.

According to the story of our source, Kristen enjoyed a two hour dinner with no interruptions, no paparazzi and no fans that spoils the night. “No one approached our table or came up to Kristen”

Perfect time for family bonding, Kristen clan never worries for interruptions, well maybe if situation permits sure the family must use to it, because they have a star family member.

Part of their meal includes tuna ceviche, crispy malamari and flat iron steak sofrito. For their dessert, it’s a peanut butter and jelly mouse.
Kristen doesn’t hesitate to reveal her true self. She enjoyed the dinner with no problems chewing down.

Robert is currently busy doing his “Bel Ami” at Europe, yeah Kristen should better be happier if Robert was present, but perhaps they will find some time to spend a dinner in the future.

Miley Cyrus: Toluca Lake Cruisin' Cutie

The “Climb” cutie, Miley Cyrus wearing simple stonewashed jeans and v-neck white shirts was taken a shot while heading to Toluca Lake, California. Pictures were taken on Monday (March 15). To complete her attire Miley wears plenty of accessories which match her attire.

So much of her projects, Miley find some time to relax while loaded schedule.

Miley spends her day cruising around the town showing her new Mercedes, Absolutely something to be proud of. She happily ran errands while strolling around,at least enjoying the day even without her current boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

Miley admitted on recent interview that her mom has a crush on her 19-year old boyfriend. She stated “I don’t know who had a bigger crush on him at the beginning, my mom or me. I was like ‘No, maybe he’s just too pretty. I don’t want to be with someone who’s better looking than me. That’s like awkward”. Oh no Cyrus you shouldn’t feel awkward, as a matter of fact you two look compatible together, and you look good to each other.

Everybody was waiting for her next appearance whether MTV or movie. Fans of Miley say they love Miley and Liam together.

Cheryl Burke and Chad Ochocinco: Miami Dinner Date

Riding with an orange sports car, Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Buke was spotted roaming around the city, and stopping to a local restaurant to take a little bite.

On Miami Sunday evening (March 14), the two was having a nice time getting to know each other, and perhaps to take a little break after time loaded for their dancing duties. Well technically they already know each other as everyone’s know they were just making themselves closer to each other. Spending a relax time with your each other wasn’t bad at all.

In related issues Burke opens up that Chad told her “He told me to stop complimenting him because he wants tough love, so that’s what I’m giving”

In addition Chad tells, “We are exactly alike when it comes to dancing—even though I don’t dance. But we have the same goals, and that’s winning”

No doubt the couple was good partners as we see, and they make a nice dancing chemistry. They sure were to give their best on dancing to win. With the same goals gears their desire to make performance a lot more like winners.

The new season of “Dancing with the Stars” kicks off on ABC beginning March 22nd.

Mar 9, 2010

The Oscars 2010 Winners List

Here’s the list of the 2010 Oscars Academy Award. Sum up the result with a quick look and make a small thought about it.

Best Picture: ‘The Hurt Locker’
Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow, ‘The Hurt Locker’
Best Actress: Sandra Bullock, ‘The Blind Side’
Best Actor: Jeff Bridges, ‘Crazy Heart’
Best Supporting Actress: Mo’nique, ‘Precious’
Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz, ‘Inglourious Basterds’
Best Film Editing: ‘The Hurt Locker’ (Bob Murawski and Chris Innis)
Best Visual Effects: ‘Avatar’ (Joe Letteri, Stephen Rosenbaum, Richard Baneham and Andrew R. Jones)
Best Original Score: ‘Up’ (Michael Giacchino)
Best Cinematography: ‘Avatar’ (Mauro Fiore)
Best Sound Mixing: ‘The Hurt Locker’ (Paul N.J. Ottosson and Ray Beckett)
Best Sound Editing: ‘The Hurt Locker’ (Paul N.J. Ottosson)
Best Costume Design: ‘The Young Victoria’ (Sandy Powell)
Best Art Direction: ‘Avatar’ (Art Direction: Rick Carter and Robert Stromberg; Set Decoration: Kim Sinclair)
Best Foreign Language Film: ‘El Secreto de Sus Ojos’ (Argentina)
Best Documentary Feature: ‘The Cove’

Sandra Bullock being the best actress is more than deserving to receive the Award. She has the passion on her acting and you can easily go along with her acting. She’s really a good actress.

As I’ve watched the “Avatar” surely will win the Best Visual Effects. The perfect description when it comes to visual effects matter, it’s almost natural.

The movie “The Hurt Locker” almost got it all. You can even consider it the best of the best. Worthy to rejoice “Kathryn Bigelow” receives the grace of becoming the “Best Director”.

We might as well want to watch all the movies that grossed on the Oscars. Find out if they really deserve the award. You might want to judge the movie yourself.

Zac Efron on Robert Pattinson: He's Amazing

Rivalry in the Hollywood will never be eradicated; well at least we can lessen it. Sometimes Hollywood stars will be one comparing themselves to other. Is it Jealous aside or envy that’s rottens their relationships.

Robert pattinson and Zac Efron, you two are no exemptions from that. True, there’s no rivalry going on to both of you but the Hollywood want to start one.

For Zac, well playing your part to be a good man I salute you for saying Robert was absolutely amazing. Zac was absolutely right. Praising another man is not lowering your ego, you just proved yourself to be a good man. And you really can

appreciate one if you alone can appreciate yourself. Further more Zac says “I think he’s making great choices. I think he’s handling it all really well, but you know, he’s a superstar. He really deserves all this."

Indeed, Zac can’t say any bad reaction to Robert because Robert on the other hand is not saying any bad reaction to Zac. People don’t compare, everyone has their own talent, and also every people had their own style, originality and unique way to express themselves. Robert is good in his acting and plays good actor on his every role as tantamount of saying Zac is also
good in acting. I believe Hollywood stars won’t be in the Hollywood if they’re not good. Do you agree?

Jennifer Garner and Seraphina: Coffee Cuties

A beautiful Tuesday morning (March 9). In Santa Monica, California, Jennifer Garner was spotted with her daughter Seraphina making their way to a coffee shop.

Simple as she was, she is a perfect picture of a dutiful mother. Making a precious moments with her daughter wearing only simple sweatshirts. Jennifer was engaged to make eight films in the future.

She might want to spend all her time now enjoying going out with her daughters while she had time. She surely won’t have time in the future when her movies will start to roll.

One of her movies entitled “Buter” will be expected to hit theaters in 2012.

Way back on Valentine’s Day, Jennifer was spotted also making a treat with her children’s, Violet 4-year old and Seraphina 1-year old. They share a sound dinner date at Rosti Tuscan Kitchen. Jennifer is taking advantage of her free time. She makes herself busy with her kids. I believe garner don’t want to miss growing up times of her kids.

Having a mother like Jennifer makes these 2 kids lucky, sure they looks a lot like their mom which makes them a lot luckier. Let’s see in the future if one of these girls will follow steps of their mother.

Britney Spears Takes Time Out for Mom

After the hot photos of Britney Spears seen without bra, she’s been captured again this time spending a moment with her mom. The “Womanizzer” singer together with her mom, Lynne Spears roam around shopping malls at Los Angeles, California on Monday (March 8). They were spotted loaded with bagful purchase from Glendale Galleria and Barneys New York Department Store.

It’s a nice afternoon to treat herself and at the same time enjoying their bonding moments with her mom. Indeed shopping makes every woman the most desirable thing to do, and doing this with your mom is a lot more wonderful thing to do. Britney can’t hide her happiness and maybe she’s more than excited to do these things at the present after a draining world tour she’d encountered.

On related news Britney is one of the nominees to the upcoming Juno awards from her comeback performance on her latest album “Circus”. The winners will be announced on April 18th. Britney’s comeback is impressive that’s why she got it; she got the nomination for the International Album of the Year honors.

Well let’s just hope her time also to shine has come back. You still have the good performance you have before Britney!

Sanda Bullock!,yes you made it. You are the Stars of the eyes of all now. No doubt you can’t take your smile from your face. You’ve already proven yourself.

Sandra was spotted strolling out a day after the awards night after a talk from popular US talk show. Indeed the feeling was on cloud nine; her smiles were seen al over Los Angeles. You deserve it Sandra. The photos show her victorious smile fresh off from Oscar triumph.

From her performance on the “The Blind Side” she just got home the plethora of awards. Sandra just receives the Best Actress Academy Award just like that.

On the night of academy award, she had her time to speech. She barely thanked her mother, as she mentioned “reminding her daughters that there’s no race, no religion, no class system, no color, no sexual orientation that makes us better than anyone else. We are all deserving of love.”

Amazingly, with the brunette beauty she possess comes a great woman and a good daughter. Indeed no one can ever make you a better person than yourself. You were love Sandra, everybody loves you, and you really deserve to be loved.

Zoe Saldana Earns Academy Award for Worst Dressed

Walking in the red carpet is really an amazing experience especially On Oscars. Not everybody had experience it. Zoe Saldana had experienced it. And you know what; she also had experienced today to be “The Hollywood Goosip’s”annual “Worst Dressed” honor. Saldana wears a purple gown with so much fur design at the lower part, and with diamonds designs on the upper part. She’s still lucky indeed; she is pretty somehow compensating the dress. Saldana is beautiful, her face perfectly match with her skin. She wears simple jewelries which somehow enhanced her pretty face.

Saldana on the other hand has the highest-grossing film in history, and yes she has a considerable talent, let’s just look Saldana on these sides, because she’s not really on the fashion side. Some consider her dress as the ugliest of the ugly on the red carpet. Incomparable to Charlize Theron dress, stunningly gorgeous as ever. People just do not compare their gown.
Take it on the positive side Saldana, not everyone receives this award.

Saldana will sure prepare her gown for the next year’s award. She has a one year preparation and she will make everyone puzzled from this moment.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, and Sunday: Sydney Arrival

With all the busy people and stars at Oscars, the couple “Nicole Kidman” and “Keith Urban” together with their daughter Sunday Rose was spotted hand in hand heading to go back to their home. They were spotted arriving at Sydney, Australia on Monday (March 8) their homeland.

They don’t mind missing the Oscars, they look happy to be backing home. The “Moulin Rouge” babe still had the looks of being gorgeous women, as with her daughter whom she was carrying on her hand looks incomparable as her beauty.

In some other news, Nicole was rumored to decline an invitation from “Gwyneth Paltrow”, Her co-star in “The Danish Girl”. The invitation was to hang out, a mere girls hobby. Well nobody knows the reason behind why Nicole ignored the invitation.

Some told press that Nicole lives not too far from where Gwyneth has been working in Nashville, doing her latest movie. Gwyneth gets in touch with Nicole and made an effort of inviting her to hang out but Nicole decline the invitation. Some says it would have been nice for Nicole to make an effort too.

We should not be bothered maybe there’s some a pure misunderstanding going on.

Kristen Stewart: 2010 Academy Awards Amazing

Making her grand entrance to the red carpet at the 82nd annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday evening (March 7), Kristen Stewart looks stunningly gorgeous on her black gown. She was considered one of the most-anticipated attendees. She makes her looks as fabulous as ever. The “Bella Swan” beauty sure makes every man in the award night say “Wow”. Kristen got a new look with her hair tied up which I think makes her face a little mature and makes her much beautiful. Kristen presented herself alongside of Taylor Lautner.

The Academy Award was held at Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center with the host Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.Indeed walking in the red carpet with all the biggest stars in the Hollywood was an amazing experience.

Big movies will compete for the Best Picture. Nominees includes “Avatar”, “A Serios Man”, “An Education”, “Blind Side”, “The Hurt Locker”, “District 9”, “Up”, “Up in the Air”, “Inglorious Basterds” and “Precious”.

The Academy Award always makes itself a history, sure to make the affair more extravagant as compared to previous affairs.

Kristen on the Red carpet photos shows a woman of desire; no doubt Robert has really fallen for this woman.

Runaway Fashionista

The “Twilight” star after having been stressed to her making of new movie finally got up to the ramp. Looking gorgeous on her dress check out the pics where I think she really made it perfect even for the first time. Burberry Prorsum runway show during London Fashion Week, together with mary-Kate Olsen, Kate Hudson and Claire Danes, Kristem made her way proudly showing an simple yet possess an elegant stlye.

Kristen justified to have a vampire look wearing a knit top tucked into knot miniskirts which is one of the Burberry’s trademark ( Walter’s Foil Skirt in Gunmetal) partnering a long black trench (Coller Coat in Healther Grey) which makes Kristen seductive giving emphasis to her perfect shape legs, completed her attire with black pumps (Samantha’s Viv Peep in Brown). Kristen looks fresh with her simple way of fixing hair with no more complications, shows simplicity with not so much jewelry. The same character as portray on her “Twilight” role, she barely show a facial expression on whom “Edward” loved most. Kristen appeared to be a real fashionista even ramping for the first time.

Would anyone think she can’t make it on runway? We’ll Kristen already proved them wrong. She looks so much lovely on her simple way of doing her own ramp way. The skirt really was as good as fit to her.

Her new film “The Runaway” set to be released next Friday.

Nicole Scherzinger Dances the Day Away

Wearing as simple as to take a day of rehearsal, Nicole Scherzinger was spotted on March 4, Thursday, heading to her practice in West Hollywood. Sexy as ever, wearing a sexy tank top partnered with red pants, she barely shows her brunette beauty.

With the rumored news that some of her mates in “Pussycat Dolls” are planning to resigned she still managed to make her day busy and didn’t mind the rumor. Keeping herself busy by doing so much music and recently doing dance rehearsal for “Dancing with the Stars” with her partner Derek Houhg, she still managed to make herself look refresh and beautiful as it may seen.

On recent interviews, she stated that “I’m still Nicky Doll. And I’m just plowing away in the studio making music that I love. It’s going to be popular music, but I’m definitely going with more rock, soul-inspired soul”. True, her music was all popular and I love them all. Nicole sure could do more inspiring music.

In other related news to her group, Pussycat Dolls, she’s definitely are not bother by the break-up of the group because as she stated they planning to take new members.

Miranda Cosgrove: Music Video Vixen

The newest Brand Ambassador for Neutrogena, Miranda Cosgrove can’t hide her excited for the position. On ht interview she said, “My friends and I have always loved the Neutrogena brand and their ability to help inspire confidence. So when I found out I was actually going to be part of the Neutrogena family I was really excited. I have always looked up to many of the actresses who are already Neutrogena Ambassadors, and others are my peers, so it is an amazing honor for me to be part of this incredible group.”

She speaks of her true felling and reveals also the reaction of her friends. She’s very honored and pleased to become Neutrogena Ambassador. It’s a new part of her life to be a part of Neutrogena family.

Not only she’s busy for becoming a Neutrogena Ambassador but also she’s engaged to so many things working at the present. She’s currently making her new music video held at Santa Monica, California, with pictures taken at the set on March 4, Thursday.

On ht making of her new music video, not only once that she change outfit, she swapped a variety of costume on this video. With one of her outfit she was captured so cute on this stylish jeans adorned with artwork made by Keith Haring. Even for a day’s hard work, Miranda still composed herself and managed to make her look adorable as she was.

Mar 4, 2010

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart Welcome Baby Girl!

The lovely couple shared good news to everyone on Wednesday (March 3). This “Greys Anatomy” star, Eric Dane proudly announced their welcome to a baby girl. According to him, there’s no name yet. They will have to decide after seeing the face of their baby, to surely fit the name.

Eric dutifully joined his lovely wife, Rebecca Gayheart at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. She successfully gave a birth a to new baby girl here.

The couple was yet ready to take a new step of their lives, becoming good parents. Of course, taking care of a baby is not just easy job, it’s the most challenging role work has ever offer. Fortunately, the couple looks like more than ready to accept the challenges. Eric was such a picture of good husband and a perfect father.

They’re more than excited about it as they stated, “They’re both over the moon about it”. Everyone was also excited to see their new angel, sure was lovely as her mother, and everyone’s also waiting to know her name. Guess the couple has so many names prepared to named their baby girl, that’s why the couple can’t decide yet.

Mar 3, 2010

Angelina Jolie: Balcony Beauty

Working hard and tough, brunette beauty Angelina Jolie managed to share a wave to the paparazzi up looking at her who snaps shots. Together with his co-star Johnny Deep, they spend so much time together to fully finish their movie “The Tourist”. The movie was taken at Venice, Italy. Wearing a simple gown, a costume for the movie, Jolie managed to compose herself in front the paparazzi, she’s like a princess on this picture. Jolie’s husband, brad Pitt and their children were also staying at Italy at the present. Pitt managed to take care of their children while Jolie was busy making her movie.

Jolie is also working at the present to a novel, directed by Darren Aronofsky. “Serena: A novel” will be adapted on screen. The story of “Serena” will encircle the life of a couple Serena and hid husband George Pemberton. George in the story will have to commit a ruthless suicide pushes by Serena. Serena on the other hand will commit a murder of her husband’s illegitimate son when she finds out that she cannot conceive. Such an interesting novel. And with Jolie as a main star, surely can portray the role perfectly.

Mar 2, 2010

Jessica Alba: Hollywood Hottie

The “Fantastic Four” princes always, stunning beauty Jessica Alba was spotted on Hollywood, California on Monday (March 1). She’s having her busy day first consulting a local medical facility before making her way to shopping. Together with s friend she makes herself busy with cosmetics shopping, enjoying the rest of the day.

In an interview before she mentioned that doesn’t know anything about the rumored sequel of their movie “Fantastic Four”. So there are really no plans yet for the movie.

Jessica’s proud of the “Fantastic Four” movie, not only for grossing a lot of money but because primarily of the effects it does for the kids mainly. They love superheroes, and “fantastic Four” is one of those movies whom they won’t forget. Its like programmed to their minds, when it comes to superhero what they think first would be “Fantastic Four”. Jessica Alba’s very flattered about that.

Alba’s also very grateful that she’s the first woman who portrays a role of superhero with different kind of power compare to other superheroes.

No doubt, everybody’s waiting and excited if there’s a sequel of the movie in the future. Well of course not only for the children but mainly for them. Movies like these not only meant to entertain children but to realized the importance of peace.

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