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Jun 25, 2008

Christina Aguilera and her Karenina Dior

Christina Aguilera,Karenina Dior

Since the singer Chistina Aguilera gave birth to her first child, the singer, has become a benchmark for many paparazzi in terms of style and not leaving home without their best additions.

The latest acquisition of Christina, has been a magnificent Dior bag, Karenina. A very original design, made of crocodile leather and decorated with beautiful "wrinkles". Created by John Galliano, collection includes pieces with matte crocodile skin in colours like petrol blue, black, grey (right), cream and brown, as well as combinations of shiny leather and coloured aged leather (left). Other pieces from the same collection include a smaller frame bag and 4 evening bags with top handles

1 comment:

johni said...

The latest acquisition of Christina Aguilera and her Karenina Dior bag was fantastic bag. The original design is made up of crocodile leather and beautiful wrinkles created by John Galliano. The shinning leather with cream and brown combination.
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