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Mar 12, 2008

Madonna - Interview or Dazed?

It is indisputable that the queen of pop is great. but to occupy as much as two covers of the same month with a similar theme and the same gloves? What can you say about this?


Madonna is in the cover of the April 2008 issue of Interview magazine looking good and fit after all these years.


Madonna also features on the cover of this months Dazed and Confused Magazine. Steve Klein shoots Madonna's latest photos.

Meanwhile, her new album called "Hard Candy" will set to be released this April and the track listing has been divulged. The tracks are:

1) Candy Store
2) 4 Minutes To Save The World
3) Give it 2 Me
4) Heartbeat
5) Miles Away
6) She's Not Me
7) Incredible
8) Beat Goes On
9) Dance Tonight
10) Spanish Lesson
11) Devil
12) Voices

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