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Mar 4, 2008

Designer Handbag Collections

Bags of autumn-2008 collection for Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton in Paris yesterday presented its proposals for next autumn-winter 2008 and these are the bags we saw on the catwalk.

Marc Jacobs returns to gamble this year by the shades of gray and earth, but we are surprised with handbags and white light beige, more typical of summer. As usual, the monogram is very present in the collection, which has a couple of models Metallic leather.

Malibu bag of Juicy Couture

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Last year, the Riviera Beach Straw Food and Colony Beach were two of the most attractive Juicy Couture to go to the beach.

This year, we are confident that the bag will be the favorite Malibu (102 €). It's rubber, and is available in translucent green and pink, and both carry the signature logo stamped on the front.

Of course the towel Juicy Couture is included, drawings chocolate brown on the model pink and pistachio green on the model.

Handbags collection of autumn-2008 Prada

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The simplicity is not part of the new collection of handbags from Prada autumn winter 2008, in an abundance of lace and ruffles.

The two bags that can be seen in the photo, are a good proof of the absence of simplicity in design of the firm. Both are manufactured in leather and coated with a thick and sophisticated lace that will match the dress in the model.

Purse Ada Chloé

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let's take a look at one of the new bags of Chloé, a design that go back in time and follows the aesthetics of the era in which the signature triumphs with the Paddington.

The full bag is made in skin color black high quality (hence its price rise to 1,549 €), crowned in the bottom of the handles with tachuelas silver. Moreover, the bag Ada Chloé is pretty straightforward, although it is worth highlighting the side pockets that goes into one skin intertwined.

Purse Majorelle Volcano Yves Saint Laurent

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Another handbags that marked trend this summer will be the Majorelle Volcano Yves Saint Laurent, especially in its latest version, size XL and Metallic leather bag that will make this cause sensation among the most fashion.

His name does represent to the shape of the volcano that has wide at the base and narrow as they reach the end (of gilded metal).

The price is € 1,292 and now you can only get it for touring in Neiman Marcus can do with an estimated waiting time of 2 months.

Bag of Patent Francine Coach

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Coach is one of those signatures, although it is not well known in Spain, is always in the spotlight of the most fashionistas, their bags are usually simple, but always have designs to last.

The bag of Patent Francine Coach (525.41 €), is one of its new models, produced in skin effect and charol available in a magnificent color palette. We chose the turquoise because it is the most striking and original, what you choose?

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mudkipz said...

The Coach bag is lovely!

OnlineGenius said...

I love the Bags of autumn-2008 collection for Louis Vuitton. I believe LV is one of the most genius brands ever made. Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854. If a brand can hold out that long they must be doing excellent!
Prada, however, has disappointed me. I expected a lot more.
Coach impressed me a little too.

Wonderful post! I very much enjoyed it!

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allen said...

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