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Mar 28, 2008

Kate Moss for Yves Saint Laurent

Yves st.laurent

"She is one of the highest paid models in the world. She creates huge public interest that can shift serious units of fashion products. And she is looking better than she has in quite some time.

So it's little wonder Stefano Pilati - creative director of Yves Saint Laurent - chose Kate Moss to appear in the fashion house's spring/summer advertising campaign.

What is slightly bewildering is why he decided to obscure Moss's famous face with door-writing in the majority of the 18 shots."

"This collection was focused around iconographies," Pilati said. "And in fashion, Kate Moss is one of the great icons. I am particularly drawn to her versatility as a model, and of course to her timeless beauty."

Mar 12, 2008

Madonna - Interview or Dazed?

It is indisputable that the queen of pop is great. but to occupy as much as two covers of the same month with a similar theme and the same gloves? What can you say about this?


Madonna is in the cover of the April 2008 issue of Interview magazine looking good and fit after all these years.


Madonna also features on the cover of this months Dazed and Confused Magazine. Steve Klein shoots Madonna's latest photos.

Meanwhile, her new album called "Hard Candy" will set to be released this April and the track listing has been divulged. The tracks are:

1) Candy Store
2) 4 Minutes To Save The World
3) Give it 2 Me
4) Heartbeat
5) Miles Away
6) She's Not Me
7) Incredible
8) Beat Goes On
9) Dance Tonight
10) Spanish Lesson
11) Devil
12) Voices

Mar 11, 2008

Kate Moss On The Cover Of Libération March 8th 2008

Kate Moss

“Woman’s day has got to be special or not at all. Hedi Slimane’s women’s special is Kate Moss. Even if you’re not Kate Moss or even closer, I hope you had a great March 8th!

Having a special project with Libération, Hedi Slimane brought along Kate Moss to deliver a breeze of the England’s Rock Stage before taking the pages by storm with his edition.”

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

What do you think of the pictures?

Mar 10, 2008

Celebrities with their Runway Fashion Style

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Tilda Swinton

Image Hosted by
Camilla Belle

Image Hosted by
Chloé Sevigny

Image Hosted by
Claudia Schiffer

Image Hosted by
Cory Kennedy

Image Hosted by
Marisa Berenson

Image Hosted by

Mar 7, 2008

Victoria Beckham, icon of fashion for UK VOGUE

Victoria Beckham

The self-proclaimed icon of fashion, Victoria Beckham, decks the cover of the April 2008 edition of British Vogue.

The pictures were taken by photographer Nick Knight, and the editing is accompanied by twelve pages of Victoria posing a fashion - as it says, one of his most daring photo sessions.

The truth is that Posh looks fantastic here.

Here are some extracts from her interview:

On why she became a Spice Girl again: "I wanted the boys (Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz) to see me as a pop star, not just someone telling them to do their homework, and David can be reminded of the person he fell in love with."

On her love for Christian Louboutin shoes: "If they don't have my size I just stick toilet paper in - if that is what it takes to get a nice shoe."

On working out: "I have joined a gym, but I can't bring myself to start. What do you wear on the running machine? I can't bring myself to wear flat shoes".

On naming her collection: "We did not know what else to call it to be honest. The initials (dVb) were on our bathroom towels years before we have the brand. It's a real collaboration between David and myself. He inspires me in so many ways."

On her negative press: "Simon (Fuller) said to me 'That's why people are interested in you. If you were someone who everybody liked, it would be boring'."

Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham
Photo Credits:

Vogue Hellas March 2008: Daria Werbowy

Daria Werbowy

The model Daria Werbowy starred in the cover of Vogue Hellas magazine in its issue of March 2008.

Just 1 year after starring in Brazil in March 2007 Vogue, Daria premieres in the Greek edition, with a reprint of a photograph that appeared in an editorial for Vogue model of the UK in February 2008.

Christina Aguilera to Stephen Webster

Image Hosted by
Fully recovered from her recent childbirth, and after having introduced her son, Max Liron in society, Christina Aguilera returned to work as an image of the signature jewelry Stephen Webster.

The photo shoot, which took place in Los Angeles, is based on the work of Alfred Hitchcock and his muse Grace Kelly. The two images were filtered before they are published in journals are a clear nod to two of the director's best-known films and performed by the actress, "The window indiscreet" and "perfect crime".

Parts that looks Christina Aguilera belong to the new collection of Stephen Webster, called Shattered, which consists of 50 pieces to be among the rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and brooches and whose prices range from 343$ y 3.528$.

Mar 6, 2008

Giorgio Armani designed for Alicia Keys

Image Hosted by

Roberto Cavalli started the recent trend of designing for singers (Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Spice Girls and Shakira). Jean Paul Gaultier joined the initiative designed to Kylie Minogue and the last step is to give the Giorgio Armani to Alicia Keys.

As always in this kind of collaboration, the designer will be responsible for creating all the costumes look Alicia Keys at its next tour. All clothes will be inspired by three of the last collection suits ready-to-wear designer, and the predominant colors are white, black, gold and silver and the protagonist will be a piece of crocodile skin jacket with Swarovski crystal encrusted .

Armani did not design the costumes of the dancers and other musicians who appear on the show, but they will also be dressed by Armani signature, with clothing collections of the latest Emporio Armani, Emporio Armani (PRODUCT) RED and Armani Exchange.

So what do the two stars have to say about each other?

Alicia , "Armani is phenomenal! He knows how to make clothes that are perfectly tailored to a woman like me. His designs are the epitome of class, timelessness and edge and we are a perfect combination! We plan to make history!"

As for Armani, "Combining a magical voice with a captivating onstage presence, Alicia is a performer we will justifiably be comparing with the great Aretha Franklin in years to come."

Mar 5, 2008

Precious Lanvin

Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear Lanvin – Runway

Lanvin fashion show

Many are surprised by Elbaz at Lanvin, their creations are always intimate, designs like princesses, and the charming French chic that characterizes the mark of perfection and femininity. Lanvin is always a great unknown, a mark which in the past did much to women and that was the precursor to the dictatorship of his majesty, the child. Following the explosion of color, fury and passion comes the chic French. Great Alber.

Lanvin fashion show

Lanvin is the black, black truth. Black past Balenciaga, black velvet, black radiant. Black light.

Image Hosted by

For the night the proposals Elbaz ladies are gorgeous style rock, disinherited princesses, actresses melancholy. All good but not all elections.

Lanvin fashion show

Precious arrogance Petite Robe Noire by Alber Elbaz, the elegant decadence Gothic mysticism loaded with lyricism, ladies and cold furtive glances dyed black. Black thick and dense.

Lanvin fashion show

A wink to the despotic eighty femmes fatals with its radiant with black leather heels and printing. That call Nadja top fetishists roam with high-heeled shoes or excessive always Halston.

Lanvin fashion show

Grandiosos eighties great women and great Lanvin. A full of talent.

Lanvin fashion show

The straight cut but that domed Albez has shown that dominates mercilessly again work wonders with the material but now with a new texture, glossy and a new color, the sobriety of the luxurious and opulent black.

Lanvin fashion show

Ladies with Gothic reminiscences triumph, seriousness, a halo and a supernatural aspect gloomy and lustful.

Lanvin fashion show

The High Society seen by a real smart and not by one of these ladies that only with money and not caste. For Alber Elbaz, the black is a privilege, a game, a life and not a boring entertainment.

Lanvin fashion show

If Elbaz revised their long pearl necklaces, gold seen as the new black and the most it is more like the new slogan of Elbaz, in their golden years, this would create. Everything said.

Lanvin fashion show

True, Alber Elbaz is a genius, a real genius with dyes dictator. It is a great man, a magician of fashion, a tyrant and a disruptive. A collection that has burned Paris, has returned to proclaim the genius of Elbaz and revision of eighties, lyrical charm Parisian decadence, the world of black decadent, opulent and glorious. A beautiful Lanvin.

Mar 4, 2008

Designer Handbag Collections

Bags of autumn-2008 collection for Louis Vuitton

Image Hosted by

Louis Vuitton in Paris yesterday presented its proposals for next autumn-winter 2008 and these are the bags we saw on the catwalk.

Marc Jacobs returns to gamble this year by the shades of gray and earth, but we are surprised with handbags and white light beige, more typical of summer. As usual, the monogram is very present in the collection, which has a couple of models Metallic leather.

Malibu bag of Juicy Couture

Image Hosted by

Last year, the Riviera Beach Straw Food and Colony Beach were two of the most attractive Juicy Couture to go to the beach.

This year, we are confident that the bag will be the favorite Malibu (102 €). It's rubber, and is available in translucent green and pink, and both carry the signature logo stamped on the front.

Of course the towel Juicy Couture is included, drawings chocolate brown on the model pink and pistachio green on the model.

Handbags collection of autumn-2008 Prada

Image Hosted by

The simplicity is not part of the new collection of handbags from Prada autumn winter 2008, in an abundance of lace and ruffles.

The two bags that can be seen in the photo, are a good proof of the absence of simplicity in design of the firm. Both are manufactured in leather and coated with a thick and sophisticated lace that will match the dress in the model.

Purse Ada Chloé

Image Hosted by

let's take a look at one of the new bags of Chloé, a design that go back in time and follows the aesthetics of the era in which the signature triumphs with the Paddington.

The full bag is made in skin color black high quality (hence its price rise to 1,549 €), crowned in the bottom of the handles with tachuelas silver. Moreover, the bag Ada Chloé is pretty straightforward, although it is worth highlighting the side pockets that goes into one skin intertwined.

Purse Majorelle Volcano Yves Saint Laurent

Image Hosted by

Another handbags that marked trend this summer will be the Majorelle Volcano Yves Saint Laurent, especially in its latest version, size XL and Metallic leather bag that will make this cause sensation among the most fashion.

His name does represent to the shape of the volcano that has wide at the base and narrow as they reach the end (of gilded metal).

The price is € 1,292 and now you can only get it for touring in Neiman Marcus can do with an estimated waiting time of 2 months.

Bag of Patent Francine Coach

Image Hosted by

Coach is one of those signatures, although it is not well known in Spain, is always in the spotlight of the most fashionistas, their bags are usually simple, but always have designs to last.

The bag of Patent Francine Coach (525.41 €), is one of its new models, produced in skin effect and charol available in a magnificent color palette. We chose the turquoise because it is the most striking and original, what you choose?

Original Post by:

Mar 3, 2008

Luxurious Hermés


Winter arrives in Hermés, a signature of past prestige and suitable only for those who still believe in good taste and residing in a particular social ladder. The cradle of High Society lies in Hermés, sophistication, chic and money. Women Hermés Jean Paul Gaultier is simply perfect, wears leather cut to perfection by the flagship house of tradition "handmade" and combines with a touch of youthful, carefree and sophisticated, just brilliant. Winter is winter is Hermés, the leather is careful to detail, the cuts are perfect and the color palette is better than ever and continues Hermés that combining air decadent European and transatlantic air of India with Oriental touches. A parade sensational.


Wonderful coats cutting perfect. When you see what you can be idle for one on the Upper East Side or for a lady of steel, and powerful current. Skin, leather, alligator. The courts are perfect.


Gaultier dominates the essence like no other functional pret a porter without losing the traditional charm of Hermés. The set might find it anywhere, but what Hermés sells is perfection.


When Chanel said that the limit is not stylized concerned that, the lightness, the lightness can be carried even in winter and always sophisticated because it can only be done with select garments.


Middle Gaultier always inspires both in the color palette as in the concept interior. Rough skins, wool combined with the best of hides and look rugged and feminine while combined with silk skirts and the most delicate accessories.


The scarves made mythical Hermés to be reinvented, longer, more colorful and more irregular combined with masculine jackets and, of course orange Hermés.


A leather coat and napa with buckles and worked with hair and skin closed for a delicate silk blouse and combined with high boots color chocolate.


Reminiscences of the old views of cashmere and silk, it creates Gaultier coat stamped decorated with fringes. Essence East.


The night, a marvel Hermés. Dark, secret beautiful. And luxurious.


A great parade for Hermés with which one could define the true pret a porter and no delusions of grandeur of certain creators. The pret a porter is something glorious and residing in the luxury, we could say the miserable luxury but that definition falls by its own weight to the view Hermés. The pret a porter of Hermés with Gaultier at the head is a brilliant blend of luxury and tradition of Europe and Asia, charm and femininity, chic and glamorous. The concept that explores Hermés is all that can be found anywhere if you understand a coat as a mere shelter but Hermés means an overcoat as a pledge or catapult capable of ruining a woman.
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