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Feb 4, 2008

Clothes for the day! Ruffles Stuff!

1. Top from Forever 21 2. Purse from Newport News 3. Skirt from Oli 4. Dress from Net-A-Porter 5. Coat from Debenhams 6. Panties from American Eagle Outfitters 7. Belt from Elegantly Waisted 8. Shoes from Net-A-Porter

Tips for rocking the ruffles: According to Misscedar..

♥ Stick to ruffles in only one or two articles of clothing. For example, don’t mix an overly ruffle top with a way too ruffly skirt, that is unless you are Carmen Miranda.

♥ Don’t overdo the ruffles and prints. Most of the time ruffles look best in a solid print, or a print that is not too busy.

♥ Unless you want to look like a cupcake try to avoid too much light pink and purple ruffles. For the right situation however, is fun to look like a cupcake!

♥ Try to keep a good form beneath the ruffles. Yes there are a few really cute shift type ruffle dresses, but these ruffles can add bulk, and are very hard to wear on anything above stick thin. Instead try a fitted top and a ruffle skirt like the one above.


Raising Mercury said...

ive never attempted ruffles before, ive always been a lil scared in trying it out =) the adding bulk part is quite obvious! hehehe, thx for the tips.. might attempt it soon.. Kaitlin said...

Ruffles are cute and can really make an outfit. I agree that only a few is necessary, but they can make you look fun, flirty, and frilly!
check out this vintage ruffle dress!

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