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Jan 22, 2008

Victoria Beckham on Marc Jacobs ad Campaign

I hope it's not too late to post this one -Marc Jacobs new spring 2008 Ad campaign with Posh..

Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham

Okay, we all know that Victoria Beckham is on the top spot of Mr. Blackwell’s worst dressed list- 2007 but still Marc Jacobs’ people give her opportunity to endorse their wonderful name. Well maybe this images was taken before Blackwell announced his worst dressed list that's why they don't have any choice at all. What do you think? err.. Yeah I know she still have the guts.. Anyway, I must admit that this is really cool idea especially for the sneak preview ad but the feet sticking out look kinda of freaky. I don't even think they are really her legs.. And I wonder why on earth would Vicky agree to be photographed this way? Oh well, maybe she's too confident to think that this will look fashionable and not funny though.. I know there has a lots of those not-so-pretty-pics of her out there, some even looks scary and robotic, but hey, she bagged one of the world’s most handsome and talented man, David Beckham, you've got to give her credit for that... ;)

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