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Jan 23, 2008

Christian Dior: Catwalk Shoes, Spring 2008

It's Couture Fashion Week in Paris at the moment. Which means one thing for us shoe lovers: the opportunity to gaze at some of the most beautiful - if not always completely practical - footwear around. These towering high heels were part of the Christian Dior show, and combine a wedge heel and a stiletto, to startling effect.

Well honestly I don't find these collections really hot and cool when it comes to fashion and I'm not sure how easy these would be to walk in, of course, but when it comes to couture fashion, practicality isn't exactly the main consideration, is it? But I must admit that the brand itself gave a big impact. Am i right? I wonder who will going to used and walk in that kind of shoes anyway? oh no.. not me! not even you.. just my thought... I wouldn't mind using those cruel shoes.. I'd better stick on to my 2-inch shoes, sandals and flat shoes. How about you? =)

1 comment:

Anne_022196 said...

wow!!good to see this one...i can't wear this one its very uncomfortable..

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