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Nov 24, 2007

Ed Hardy Stuff

Hardy has lent his name (and vintage graphics) to this awesome line of tees and hoodies. Screened and splatter-painted on to buttery cotton, his dazzling designs have already been spotted on the hottest celebrity bods.

here's some Stuff Inspired by Ed Hardy that i find it really cool to wear..

Mens Ed Hardy Triple Skull Zip Up in Black

There are now Ed Hardy stores in New York, Los Angeles, Tucson and Dubai. That $20 million-a-year business, of which Hardy gets a small slice for licensing his name and art, is the handiwork of French-born marketing ace Christian Audigier, who pushed the Von Dutch brand and now has everybody from Madonna to Larry King draped in Hardy. It's a pleasing turn of events for an artist who made his bones tattooing daggered hearts and anchors on sailors in San Diego in the raffish old days before body art became respectable. Now it almost seems as if there's a Starbucks and a tattoo parlor on every corner.

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