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Jul 10, 2007

Brief History Of Adidas

It all started in 1924 and named after with Its Founder Adi and Rudolf Dassler ( Adidas) . Dassler started producing shoes in the 1920s in Herzogenauras.

Adidas Shoes is The first shoes, created for running and training, were made by hand without the aid of electricity. Consisting of Reebok sportswear company, it is the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world.

Adi with the help of his brother and twelve other people, some of them family members, produced approximately 50 pairs of these handmade shoes per day. The Dassler brothers, Adi and Rudolf, registered their shoe company under the name "Dassler OHG". Adi and Rudolf released their first production facility in 1927, calling it "Dassler Brothers Sports Shoe Factory" They have made some great shoes over the years and eventually ended up getting their Dassler shoes in the Olympics.

For over 80 years now Adidas is still growing for good and Today, Adidas is a global leader not only in the shoe industry, but also in the sporting goods industry. Shoes from the Adidas are available in virtually every country of the world.

And now celebrating cities around the world that have had some influence on Adidas, whether it's London for its music scene, Barcelona with its nightlife, Rio with its beaches and lifestyle, or Tokyo with its unquestionable sense of style and fashion. This version features a rubber outsole and new cool color combinations.

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